July 28, 2021

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AFK Arena Patch Notes

AFK Arena Patch Notes 1.63

Finf here the last AFK Arena Patch notes. The Servers will be unavailable on 11 May 2021 07:00 – 09:00 UTC while they are updating the game.

In compensation the players will have a gift of 1200 diamonds. (Check the original post on Facebook)

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New AFK Arena Heroes : Desira – The Sinister Siren

  • The new hero Desira – The Sinister Siren will be available to test play from 12 May
  • The Bountiful Trials event will be available for Desira as same time

New Additions and Optimizations

  • Added a new fonctionality “Bard Tales”, where in players can view status updates and news about what their friends, teams and other players are doing in-game.
  • Added new adventure : “Price of Rebirth” to the Voyage of Wonders feature.
  • Added “Track of the Sands” to the Wandering Balloon. It can be unlocked by completing Stage 26-20 of the Campaign and by completing 60% of “The Echoing Valley”
  • Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 851 and 900 of the King’s Tower and added 50 floors.
  • Players can now climb up to 540 floors within each respective faction tower within the Towers of Esperia feature. Some existing stages has also been reduced.
  • The animations of the Medal Details page has been optimized.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

  • Theowyn – The Wailing Widow – Fixed an issue to prevent the visual effects of the ability “Spectral Divergence” from disappearing as intended.
  • Ability’s actual effects remain unchanged.
  • Tasi – Dreamhopper – Fixed an issue of the ability “Teleportation” at the incorrect time.
  • Elijah & Lailah – Celestial Twins – Fixed a bug that was allowing the ability “Hope” level 1 to incorrectly remove all debuffs from allies. The ability’s effects now correctly match its description.

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