July 28, 2021

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A Hero’s Destiny Patch Notes 2021

Find here all the A Hero’s Destiny Patch Notes and enjoy the latest news from this roblox game. They are taken from the Discord server and created by Sean21307.

Through the various updates and developments, the creator has greatly improved the experience of the game. Which moreover has become one of the most popular and successful games!

Find here all the A Hero’s Destiny codes

Latest A Hero’s Destiny Patch Notes 07-05-21

New code system

  • New in-game store so xbox players can buy gamepasses easily
  • New x2 XP/Yen/Strength boosts
  • Added a confirmation for spinning when you have a legendary class
  • Rebirths now increase spin luck (rebirth 15 = luck gamepass, and luck gamepass does stack with rebirth luck)
  • Added a buy all spins button
  • Added another tyrone dummy npc to test critical damage
  • Added 3 songs
  • Scanner gamepass now abbreviates stats (1000000000 -> 1B)

Shutting down in 10 minutes hopefully nothing breaks.

A Hero’s Destiny Patch Notes 30-04-21

  • Three new bosses (all stronger than Psykos)
  • New class
  • Two new relics
  • Max rebirth raised to 15
  • PVP dmg is now 1/20 of normal damage
  • G.O.D. overall damage increased by 25%
  • G.O.D. form gives an additional 30% damage reduction (51% total reduction when in form)
  • G.O.D. c move range increased
  • Abilities can now be used during G.O.D. e move
  • Spawn times reduced
  • Updated map lighting
  • Disabled the custom chat filter until the bots return
  • Bug fixes

Older Patch notes for Roblox A Hero’s Destiny

Patch note : Added Rebirth – 06-03-2021

Added rebirth system
Shutting down in 10 minutes
First rebirth = level 20k, once you rebirth you lose level, strength, and yen but keep the rest of your stats
Rebirthing allows you to gain stats at an accelerated rate, so 1st rebirth is 2x, 2nd is 4x, 3rd is 6x, etc.
Rebirth level required is 20k + (10000 * numRebirths)

Update : New Strong Boss

New strong boss
Low GFX now lowers amount of particles and prevents certain useless things from rendering
Settings (music, low gfx, camera shake) now save
Hopefully reduced some of the lag in servers
Bug fixes

Update : Double Experience Weekend – 25-09-2020

Double Experience Weekend! – Thank you for 20 million visits, 100k favorites, and 50k likes
Gouketsu Boss + Relic
XBOX Controls
Super Meteor (spawns if total level in server >25k, gives 300m total xp)
Buffed Boros and Saitama (and their quest rewards) to make room for Gouketsu
Updated Rank Colors
Buffed Watchdog C (T2 now gives an additional 50% dodge chance while active)
Bug fixes

Patch Note : 21-09-2020

Removed level cap
new ranks
added colors to spins
mobile users should now be able to use abilities while flying without moving
fixed puri puri’s r and f hitbox
changed text format to just commas
dialogue prompts cancel if you get too far
made phoenix fly faster and changed some things
fixed one beard not being able to be colored
fixed experience for quest not being formatted after dying
puri puri clothes won’t be applied if you have custom clothes enabled
puri puri clothes and size are removed when changing classes
fixed the teleporters being laggy/broken sometimes
some other minor things

Patch Note : 18-09-2020

New rare Puri Puri class
New legendary class
Large numbers are formatted now
Uncovered the secret shop… oops
Players over level 100 will spawn in different parts of the city
Made character face mouse on all axes when flying (instead of just being flat)
Fixed mobile flight
Increased strength given from quest for boros/saitama
some other bug fixes

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